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Pharmaceutical grade C E F-8x, triple antioxidant treatment for advanced environment protection and collage stimulation, with 75% LMW-hyaluronic acid serum giving the ability to penetrate 60% more times deeper into the dermis than standard sodium hyaluronic serum, Benefits: Super absorption, lighten and fades spots, lift, tighten, firm, diminishes age lines, hydrate, reduces redness, restores smooth youthful glow. forms a protective UV barrier from the harsh elements. Ingredients: L-Ascorbic, Alpha Tocopherol, Ferulic Acid, Leucidal Liquid. Direction: For best results 2 full drops on face and neck twice daily, Follow by 1%HA serum. Shake well before use. 1OZ./30mL

20% VIT C & 3%VIT E & 1% FA 1OZ/30mL

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